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1.   small metal melting furnace IF basic components:          
Including   frequency power supply, the compensation capacitor box and smelting furnace.   Depending on the application requirements, can be installed thermometer,   temperature controller and other devices; smelting furnace is divided into   three types: type melting furnace tip, top-up and fixed furnace smelting   furnace. According to overturn overturned type furnace can be divided into   mechanical tipping furnace, electric furnace and hydraulic tipping tipping   furnace.
2.   the small metal melting furnace IF power technology parameters:        
1,   the maximum input power: 15KW-160KW       
2,   the oscillation frequency: 1-20KHZ workpiece heating according to customer   requirements may be   
4,   the output current: 3-243A              
5,   the output voltage: 70-550V              
6,   the input voltage: Three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ            
7,   the cooling water requirement: ≥ 0.2Mpa, ≥3L / min            
8,   duty cycle: 100%                
9,   volume (CM): 46 long × 27 W × 45 high              
10,   Weight: 26KG                
11,   compensation capacitor parameters, volume, weight, etc. according to the   customer depending on the workpiece support. 
3.   main features:                
1,   very easy to install and operate, the school that will; ultra-small size,   light weight, portable, occupies less than one square meter; 
2,   24 hours uninterrupted smelting capacity; energy saving; supply of imported   using IGBT power devices, more integrated miniaturized, the effective output   power of more than 90 percent,
3,   to facilitate the replacement of different weights, different materials,   different from the furnace furnace methods, in order to adapt to various   smelting requirements; vertical furnace, hand-melting furnace, electric   furnace, school laboratory furnace, portable high frequency melting furnace,
4,   the use of ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power than   conventional SCR frequency energy-saving 60%! Intermediate frequency magnetic   field on a magnetic stirring the molten metal, is conducive to uniform   composition and scum
5,   according to the recommended amount of equipment and the largest melting,   smelting furnace every time (cold oven) 50-60 minutes (hot oven) for 20-30   minutes
The main types and scope:              
Specifications Iron,   steel and stainless steel Copper, gold, silver Aluminium Polysilicon
G15KW 0.5KG 2KG 0.5KG -
G25KW 1KG 3-4KG 1KG 0.5-1KG
Z15KW 2KG 5-10KG 3KG 1.5-2KG
Z25KW 3-5KG 20KG 6KG 3-4KG
Z35KW 8-12KG 30-40KG 10-12KG 5-7KG
Z45KW 15-18KG 50-70KG 20-21KG 10-12KG
Z70KW 20-25KG 100KG 30KG 15-17KG
Z90KW 35-40KG 120KG 40KG 20-25KG
Z110KW 45-50KG 150KG 50KG 25-30KG
Z160KW 75-100KG 250KG 75-200KG 40-50KG
Fourth,   applications and advantages:              
1,   IF melting furnace is mainly used for smelting steel, stainless steel,   copper, aluminum, gold and silver alloys and other alloys can also be used   for melting small amounts of nickel alloys, silicon powder alloys, platinum,   K gold and other metal materials
2,   the entire device is small, light weight, melting capacity from a few   kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, selectable range, especially for   precision castings, machining, small smelting and processing, small batch,   handmade cottage individuals, schools smelting experiments, research occasion   agency melting experiments, precious metals purification, gold bullion silver   bullion production use
3   IF melting furnace equipment package completely solve the coke oven, gas   stove and other drawbacks of the original smelting process, is that you   produce the most powerful helper




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