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Oil/Gas Burner

C-HEP Low-NOx Burner

High-speed jet stream flames circulate the gas in the furnace optimally, thus dropping the density of NOx to an extremely low level. Furthermore, the temperature distribution in the furnace is equalized as a result of improvement in the churning effect of the furnace and an increase in penetration force in the furnace. The Burner, which accepts a variety of gas and oil fuels, was designed in consideration of compatibility with FHC burners that have been widely adopted by a variety of industrial furnaces including steel heating furnaces.

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Model FHC-IIIc Iow NOx burner

A low NOx burner for steel mill re-heat furnaces. This model can use preheated air up to 700°C. The two-staged combustion reduces the level of NOx emission to a minimum even when using high temperature preheated air. The flame length is adjustable and the turn-down ratio is as large as 10:1.

Air pressure: 3kPa Air temperature: 450°C

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Model FHC-VA variable flame burner

This is a low NOx burner that can utilize preheated air up to 700℃. With the flame characteristics adjuster, an optimum flame pattern can be selected according to combustion requirements. The turn-down ratio of 10:1 and low excess air combustion remain stable despite changes in the firing rate or air temperature.

Air pressure: 3kPa Air temperature: 450℃

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Model CVS voltometric burner

A process heater burner with an excellent combustion performance and stable combustion range. Model CVS can use preheated air up to 400℃. Due to the fuel gas self-recirculation mechanism and staged combustion, NOx emission is minimized. Mono-fuel combustion type (oil or gas) and multi-fuel combustion type (oil and gas) are available.

Air pressure: 1.5kPa Air temperature: 20℃

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Model PG combination burner

A low pressure air atomizing oil burner that combines the model PLB oil burner and nozzle mix type gas burner. Firing rate adjustment can be achieved by the operation of a single lever without changing the air fuel ratio. It is possible to freely change the combustion mode (oil, gas, or oil and gas).

Air pressure: 6kPa

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Model C-SNT burner

Equipped with the fuel gas self-recirculation mechanism, this low NOx burner tends to have a slightly smaller flame than the two-staged combustion type, thus providing a stable combustion even under low excess air conditions. Available in mono-fuel (oil or gas) and multi-fuel (oil and gas) combustion types. Preheated air up to 600℃ can be used.

Air pressure: 3kPa Air temperature: 350℃

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Rotary kiln burner

This burner features excellent ignition and stability of the flame. The temperature profile can be changed by adjusting the flame length. The burner, mounting stand, control equipment and safety control panel are designed into a compact unit.

Fuel: oil, gas, others Firing rate: 3490 to 23260kW Air temperature: normal to 300℃

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Model HSGB™/HSOB high speed burner

The HSGB™/HSOB high speed burner is a compact, light and tileless direct ignited burner. In a broad range of flame speeds, it can provide a variety of firing from low to super-excess air ratio combustion.

Fuel: (HSGB™)various, kinds of gas (HSOB) kerosene, light of oil Firing rate: 35 to 1163kW Air temperature: normal to 300℃

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Model RCB low NOx regenerative burner system

This system comprises at least a pair of burners which alternately fire. It achieve waste heat recovery up to nearly 90% which has been impossible in the conventional waste heat recovery method using recuperators. In addition, uniform furnace temperature distribution is secured because two (2) burners repeat firing and collecting heat at short intervals.

Firing rate: 200 to 7000kW

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Glass melting burner

Developed for the glass melting tank furnace, this high-performance burner can meet such combustion requirements as high luminance, proper momentum and flame length. lts compact design allows easy maintenance.

Fuel: light oil, heavy oil, LPG, naturel gas Firing rate: 580 to 4070kW

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Model NR radiant tube burner

The level of NOx emission has been reduced by two staged combustion. The use of preheated air is allowed. Low excess air combustion produces fuel savings, and the uniform temperature distribution characteristics extend the service life of the radiant tube.

Fuel: kerosene, light oil, various kinds of gas Tube size: 125A to 225A Firing rate: 46.5 to 290kW Air temperature: normal to 500℃

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Model MN radiant tube burner

By the use of the fuel gas recirculation system, the level of NOx emission is less in the MN model than in the NR model. Quiet combustion due to the silencer mechanism makes this burner suitable for either forced or induced draft operation.

Fuel: kerosene, light oil, various kinds of gas Tube size: 100A to 225A Firing rate: 23.3 to 349kW Air remperature: normal to 500℃ → Contact Us

Model SB immersion burner

This is an immersed heating tube suitable for cisterns, reaction tanks and low temperature molten metal tanks. The burner, heating tube and ejector are designed into a compact unit to improve thermal efficiency and to save labor and time.

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